Saturday, August 20, 2011

The 0.01 Beta Application

This is the first version. It supports rate mode and Heading Hold mode. It´s working quite well but we have to adjust better the PID parameters. I did the tests with a HBKing II with a 450 tail on a "lazy susan". Now I'm waiting for a bluetooth device to connect it to the gyro so I will be able to send data to the PC in real time without cables connected to the Heli. My radio is a Spektrum Dx6i and currently I have 25% for rate mode and 62% for HH mode.
Later I will explain better the code...

Download and try it!

Here is a version for debug. The gain is fixed in the code so you can keep the gain connector connected to you PC and sending debug information like sensor values to the TeraTerm.

Download and debug it!

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