Saturday, September 10, 2011

The 0.02 Beta Application

Here is the second release! With a 72% gain in my Tx I got a good results and just a small bounce on clockwise stops. The tail speed is now controlled and it's proportional to the rudder stick position. The servo frequency is fixed to 250Hz but you can change it on the code and compile again. Maybe next versions it will be configurable.

You can find a discussion thread here.

Parameters you can now adjust with transmitter:
Direction - LED - 1 blue, [1..2] red
EndPoint1- LED - 2 blue, 1 red
EndPoint2- LED - 3 blue, 1 red
RudderSpeed - LED - 4 blue, [1..8] red
Delay - LED - 5 blue, [1..8] red

Enter prog mode: rudder stick for one side and pulse 3 or 4 times the gyro switch on the tx.
Change item with the gyro switch.

End prog mod: pulse 3 or 4 times the gyro switch on the tx. You must do it to save the changes!

There are also ServoSpeed [1..140] ms, default value is 70ms and it's not possible to change it with the transmitter. It will be changeable by a PC application or a prog box.

Download and try it!

Here is a version for debug. The gain is fixed in the code so you can keep the gain connector connected to your PC. Now you can see debug information on the TeraTerm and change several parameters with the PC keyboard.

Download and debug it!

Some data logs I got. Rudder Command, Tail Speed and Pid Error

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