Sunday, November 6, 2011

The 0.04 Beta Application

Here is one more version!
You can place the gyro face up or down (the delay cw and the delay ccw will be swapped).
Increase the RudderDelay only if you get bounce with maximum values on Delay CW and CCW.
The servo frequency is fixed to 250Hz but you can change it on the code and compile again.
Please let me know your results here or on the discussion thread .

Parameters you can now adjust with transmitter:
Direction - LED - 1 blue, [1..2] red
EndPoint1- LED - 2 blue, 1 red
EndPoint2- LED - 3 blue, 1 red
RudderSpeed - LED - 4 blue, [1..8] red
Delay CW- LED - 5 blue, [1..8] red
Delay CCW- LED - 6 blue, [1..8] red
RudderDelay - LED - 7 blue, [1..8] red

Parameters possible to adjust with PC program or Program Box (to be done):
Rudder Deadband, Servo Speed, kP, kI and kD.

Download it!

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